* LightWeight Survey - CHANGELOG *

-TODO / KNOWN bugs-
Fix: [Visual Report] The deck views neither show the mass point annotations nor the deck title
Fix: Error message when trying to create the skin shorcut on tabletPC
Improve: Instead of hiding layers to show only the selected deck, objects display should be handled in a display pipeline
Fix: Embedded keyboard not working on every tablets
Fix: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Dialog "Import Picture" is hidden by the main form, the only solution to exit is to crash the program. Disabled until it is repared.
Test: Plugin compatibility with Rhino7
Fix: [TomKod] The offline licenses activated with a license certificate (*.TkLic) are not memorized when Rhino is closed
Fix: [TomKod] Activation crash with lifetime licenses

v1.0.4 (OnGoing)
Fixed: [TomKod] logo updated
Fixed: [TomKod] Display error in commandline feedback "Online activation required before 00:00:00" (Date should be shown instead of Time)
Changed:[TomKod] Internal module "RhinoFunctions" reorganized
Fixed: [TomKod] Help button text updated on activation form to target TomKod Server URL dynamically
Added: [TomKod] Tooltips in license activation form
Changed: DatasetConverters module moved to TomKod_DotNetExtensions
Fixed: Yak package will be built with a "win" argument
Fixed: 'PlugInDescription' tags in AssemblyInfo

v1.0.3 (14 dec. 2020)
Changed: [TomKod] New version of the activation form, with more feedback and options.
Improved: [TomKod] Activation form UI revisited with tabs
Fixed: [TomKod] Crash when there is no internet connexion and no TomKod license certificate (*.TkLic)
Fixed: [TomKod] Display refresh bug when a TomKod license certificate is picked
Fixed: [TomKod] License validation form should not accept spaces (" ") in email textbox
Fixed: [TomKod] The waiting form should be closable, in case in fails to close itself
Fixed: [TomKod] Offline license certificate was not always read
Fixed: [TomKod] TomKod about template should give the actual license status and not every messages from the license system.
Fixed: [TomKod] CommercialLicenseStatus.data.expire_date is a string, CommercialLicenseStatus.ExpirationDate should be used instead
Fixed: [TomKod] Offline period should be based on "EncryptedOfflineLicense" class
Fixed: [TomKod] Bug with Unset plugin status, which was considered as a Beta instead of a commercial release
Fixed: [TomKod] Implement a plugin license status, and use it in _About abstract command
Fixed: [TomKod] Several license activation failure scenarii
Fixed: [TomKod] Waiting form (Floating progress bar) display should be refreshed on value update
Added: [TomKod] Possibility to desactivate a license from the license activation windows (License not tied anymore to the computer)
Added: [TomKod] Support for offline activation files (*.TkLic)
Added: [TomKod] Possibility to make the licenses floating - Enabled by default (License are released when Rhino is closed)
Added: [LWS_License] command
Added: Keywords for yak package
Added: [TomKod] Common template for every TomKod command (Abstract class)

v1.0.2 (09-22-2020)
Improved: Plugin logo added to yak repository.
Added: user guide in Tomkod Wiki-> https://wiki.tomkod.com/doku.php?id=start:plugins:lightweightsurvey:lws-usermanual
Changed: "LWS_About" command rebuilt with Tomkod's _About template
Improved: [TomKod] Use a common abstract class for TomKod plugins
Added: Commands contextual help (Rhino's help panel) linked to Tomkod's wiki

v1.0.1 (08-18-2020)
Added: Support for Yak repository
Disabled: Mandatory picture for new mass points (Unappropriate for missing masses)

v1.0.0.1 (07-01-2020)
Fixed: DeckList should be updated after using the wizard
Fixed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Textboxes pop'up keyboards replaces with form embedded keyboard.
Fixed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Unsafe method using windows camera app replaced with integrated API
Fixed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] The picture list display were not always purged when it should.
Fixed: Pictures will now be stored and named properly in the project's picture directory
Removed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Message popup when trying to remove a picture from a masspoint
Added: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Information label - "Double click to remove a picture"
Fixed: [license system] In case of sql connexion failure, don't show repeated messages
Fixed: [license system] In case of sql connexion failure, display the domain that should be whitelisted through the firewall
Improved: MassPoints will be displayed as thick circles to make them more visible
Fixed: Display conduit reorganized
Fixed: Selected masspoints annotations where not shown
Fixed: [license system] Waiting form icon
Fixed: [license system] Waiting form not updating and not closing
Added: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Button to show/hide the embedded virtual keyboard (Useful if windows virtual keyboard is displayed)
Removed: Deprecated code and unused event handlers
Fixed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] When starting in camera mode, switch back to data mode after taking one photo
Fixed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Select texts on textboxes focus
Fixed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] In "new point" mode, draw the form before opening the camera

v1.0.0.0 (04-27-2020)
Changed: When adding a point, the camera will be started before showing the LWS_GetMassPointsParams form. Then it will be closed after taking one picture.
Changed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Custom virtual keyboard embedded in the add/edit form fields instead of trying to open windows virtual keyboard
Fixed: Bug where some required forms were sometimes in background
Fixed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Virtual KeyBoard should be in NumericPad mode when a number is needed
Changed: Minimum Rhino version requirement set to v6.15
Added: Command "LWS_Enable_Disable", to enable/disable the custom panels, event watchers, and overlay display
Added: New wizard command to create or setup a lightweight survey project
Fixed: Any reference to former naming "MSP" renamed "LWS"
Fixed: Plugin crashed when trying to read a MassPoint's picture if the model is not saved
Fixed: Plugin crashed when trying to update/create a mass point with a LWS panel not loaded
Fixed: "LWS_AddMassPoint" command did not give feeback when failing
Changed: [ImportPictureDoc()] should display the model unit system when entering the reference length during the scaling step
Changed: [ImportPictureDoc()] should switch the main viewport to Topview/Full screen
Changed: [ImportPictureDoc()] better explanations for the scaling and deck selection steps (borderless help forms)
Fixed: Bug with LWS_SelectedMPPanel.DisplayUpdate() - Formula and mass fields not resolved
Fixed: Impossible to close the helper whithout selecting a mass point
Added: Installer for the custom skin ("LwsSkinInstall.exe")
Added: Possibility to install the skin through the wizard
Fixed: Enforce saving model to hard drive before enabling the events or opening the project settings
Fixed: Crash when saving the doc (doc.path is nothing)
Fixed: Crash when opening the options (doc is nothing)
Added: Tomkod toolBar file
Removed: Error message "G center location could not be found or is Null"
Fixed: The save button saved the doc "as copy"
Updated: Tomkod common code merged in a Namespace
Added: Help popup form when the deck definition form is displayed
Fixed: [LWS_GetMassPointsParams form] Pictures listview was not refreshed after importing a picture
Added: [Visual Report] Possibility from the option form to select the header logo
Added: [Visual Report] html report embedded massPoint's pictures in a gallery with captions
Changed: [Visual Report] Embbed pictures instead of links in appendices
Fixed: [Visual Report] Remove output column used for old database system

v0.9.3.1 (03-19-2020)
Added: [license system] A "Status" attribute to make the plugin free during Beta and Release-Candidate versions
Removed: [license system] Deprecated licenses table system
Changed: [license system] Security fix for special offline licenses
Changed: [license system] Improved error messages in case of activation failure

v0.9.3.0 (02-21-2020)
Added: Automatic check for updates every week
Changed: Commercial license check will only be needed once every 24 hours
Changed: Commercial license can be used offline 7 days after each valid online activation

v0.9.2.6 (02-19-2020)
Added: [license system] TimeOut for network communication (1s/3s)
Added: [license system] FallBack values for GetProductStoreID()
Fixed: [license system] Error message should be displayed in foreground
Added: [license system] Display a license validation progress form
Added: [license system] Help button on license activation form

Added: [license system] Support for TomKod floating licenses (Command "TK_SetLicenseMode" to set the license mode from rhino)